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Sustainable Value Creation

Long-term commitment is one of the fundamental principles guiding how we operate within Duroc. From decisions regarding significant investments to daily activities, our commitment to creating long-term value drives our actions, benefiting shareholders, employees, society, and other stakeholders alike. Sustainable solutions are essential for generating value over the long term.

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Duroc's sustainability vision is to create economic, social, and environmental value by acquiring and developing industrial and trading companies with a focus on long-term sustainability. We aim to integrate sustainability perspectives into our business decisions, from investment strategies to operational activities. By promoting innovation and product development, working towards efficient resource management, and adopting responsible business practices, we strive to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive global economy.

Duroc continuously works to reduce its own environmental impact by improving energy efficiency, reducing waste and emissions, and promoting the use of renewable resources. Together with our subsidiaries, employees, and stakeholders, we will continue to drive change and seek to make positive impacts on the planet, envisioning a sustainable and inclusive future for generations to come.


Governance of Sustainability

The governance of sustainability at Duroc begins and ends with the board of directors. The board holds ultimate responsibility for the group-wide sustainability strategy and efforts, while the CEO of Duroc is accountable for operational implementation. Similar responsibilities are allocated within the portfolio companies. Sustainability is a standing agenda item at all board meetings of the companies, and one of the four quarterly meetings is dedicated entirely to sustainability topics. Both at Duroc and within the portfolio companies, there is always a designated employee responsible for preparing, driving, and communicating sustainability matters within each entity.

Duroc mandates systematic efforts for continuous improvement and development within the portfolio companies. Regular monitoring of the companies' progress occurs through monthly business reviews and board meetings, where representatives from Duroc's management always participate. The collaborative groundwork for setting common sustainability goals was carried out in 2019/2020, and we ensure continuity by annually reviewing and building upon these goals. In addition to these common goals, each company has its own sustainability objectives tailored to its specific operations.

Example of sustainbility focus - Extend the lifespan of new and worn components


Duroc Laser Coating

Duroc Laser Coating has a circular business model as they offer repair of steel surfaces and manufacturing of customer-specific surface-treated components in small and large series. Surfaces exposed to wear, heat, or corrosion are restored and strengthened using laser welding, laser impregnation, or laser hardening. For customers, this means a longer lifespan for the coated products and resource savings as it becomes possible to use cheaper materials in the overall product while imparting the required properties exactly where needed.

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