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Our companies

Seven different companies with a common guideline

The operation is divided into seven companies with a common guiding principle for all operations: that we create a competitive industry, a good working environment, and a sustainable society.

Duroc Machine Tool

Duroc Machine Tool (DMT) is one of the largest suppliers of machine tools, tools, machine service, and support to mechanical engineering companies in the Nordics and Baltics. DMT is also the sole operator in seven markets: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Duroc Machine Tool

Share of group: 19%

Duroc Rail

Duroc Rail provides complete, efficient, and high-quality maintenance services for railway wheels of locomotives as well as passenger and freight cars. Based in Luleå, Duroc Rail primarily caters to the maintenance needs of railway wheels and related components in northern Sweden. With efficient wheel maintenance, Duroc Rail contributes to reduced operating costs per transport kilometer.

Duroc_rail_svart_2rad stor

Share of group: 5%

Smaller Company Portfolio

Smaller Company Portfolio consists of the companies Universal Power Nordic (UPN), Herber Engineering and Duroc Laser Coating (DLC).


Share of group: 6%

International Fibres Group

International Fibres Group (IFG) is one of Europe's leading independent producers of polypropylene-based staple fibers, primarily serving customers in the construction, furniture, filtration, and automotive industries. Staple fibers are manufactured in various diameters, lengths, colors, and according to desired properties such as durability, moisture resistance, flame resistance, lightweight, strength, drainage, absorbency, or filtration.


Share of group: 37%

Drake Extrusion

Drake Extrusion is North America's leading producer of polypropylene-based colored filament yarn and staple fiber. Staple fibers are produced in various diameters and cut to predetermined lengths. Customers process the fiber into synthetic fabrics or other materials used in the production of the final product. Filament yarn is yarn manufactured in various diameters before being delivered to customers, primarily in the furniture industry.


Share of group: 19%


Cresco develops, produces, and sells fiber-based textiles for professional crop cultivation. These products contribute to favorable environments in greenhouses, mushroom cultivation, and composting facilities. The key product is textiles for greenhouses, which regulate the climate for cultivation. Their function can include excluding radiant heat and providing insulation for lower energy consumption. Cresco is one of the leading players in the global market.

IFG Cresco

Share of group: 9%


Plastibert has been established in the international market for coated textiles for over 60 years. Their products consist of PVC and PU-coated textiles used in various fields including the fashion industry, protective clothing, hospital beds, car interiors, dental chairs, furniture, and wall coverings.


Share of group: 5%

About Duroc

Duroc is a long-term investment company that acquires industrial and trading companies. Duroc does not intend to actively divest our companies. Sound finances, low leverage, diversification, and conservative valuation of potential acquisitions are some of the cornerstones of the strategy. Duroc also opportunistically acquires shares in other companies, preferably resulting in 100 percent ownership of the target company. However, Duroc may also occasionally acquire smaller stakes in other companies, provided that it is assessed that they can influence the operations of such a target company, always with the aim of creating value growth for Duroc's shareholders.

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