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Plastibert has been established in the international market for coated textiles for over 60 years. Their products consist of PVC and PU-coated textiles used in various fields including the fashion industry, protective clothing, hospital beds, car interiors, dental chairs, furniture, and wall coverings.


Coated textiles

The company places a strong emphasis on research and development (R&D) and customization. Plastibert offers standardized fabrics but also provides tailored coated textiles where products are developed collaboratively with customers, focusing on motifs, reinforcement, color, quality, and texture. Plastibert has machinery and expertise to produce specialized products even in small-scale, resulting in higher margins. Their production capacity is at 20,000 meters per day, and continuous development of new materials and qualities is ongoing.



Plastibert actively engages in product development, particularly in sustainability, offering products with bio-based PU, recycled polyester, and bio-certified cotton. Additionally, the company has invested in production capabilities for DMF-free technical textiles, meeting market demands for sustainable and non-toxic alternatives.

Efforts to reduce energy consumption are ongoing, with investments in more energy-efficient equipment. Monthly monitoring of energy and water consumption is conducted, and goals are set for reduced consumption. Waste monitoring is also established to track the company's waste streams, aiming for waste reduction.

About Plastibert

Plastibert, established for over 60 years in the international market for coated textiles, operates a fully-owned production facility in Wielsbeke, approximately 30 km southwest of Ghent.

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