Our Companies

Duroc has three business areas described below. For more information on the companies, please click on the links.


Business area Industry includes International Fibers Group (IFG). IFG is an international group of companies with leading market positions in the product areas of staple fibers and filament yarns. The products are used in the automotive industry, in textiles for floors and furnishings, in technical applications, geotextiles and textiles for agriculture and plant cultivation.

Other Industry

Business area Other Industry includes Duroc Rail and Duroc Laser Coating. Duroc Rail and Duroc Laser Coating manufactures custom niche products, components for the railway industry, as well as performing maintenance and repair of components for the engineering industry, the energy-, process-, pulp and paper- and the transportation industries.

Industrial Trade

Business area Industrial Trade consists of Duroc Machine Tool, which offers cost-effective production solutions for the engineering industry by providing machine tools and automation solutions. Duroc Machine Tools solutions include tools as well as service and support, giving customers a production process with high availability and smooth production. Duroc Machine Tool is active in the Nordic countries and in the Baltic states.