Duroc – an industrial group focusing on the manufacturing industry



Duroc strives to build and develop a group consisting of high quality industrial companies. Our subsidiaries operates close to our customers and therefore have the best understanding of the market and its needs. The Group’s governance model is highly decentralized and the various subsidiaries are responsible for developing their profitability. Thus we believe in maintaining entrepreneurship as a basis for healthy and profitable growth.

The total turnover for the Duroc companies is approximately 2 400 MSEK. The number of employees is approximately 770. Duroc’s share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. The Group’s origin is Swedish, but operations are conducted both in Europe and in the United States. Our strategy is to continue to invest in our subsidiaries as well as focusing on opportunistic acquisitions in existing or related areas.

Duroc’s operations are divided into three business areas, Fibres, Other Industry and Industrial trade. A common guiding principle for all activities is to create a competitive industry, a good working environment and a sustainable society.

Business area Fiber includes International Fibers Group (IFG), IFG is an international group of companies with leading market positions in the product areas of staple fibers and filament yarns. The products are used in the automotive industry, in textiles for floors and furnishings, in technical applications, geotextiles and textiles for agriculture and plant cultivation.

Business area Other Industry consists of Duroc Rail and Duroc Laser Coating manufactures custom niche products, components for the railway industry, as well as performing maintenance and repair of components for the engineeringl industry, the energy-, process-, pulp and paper- and the transportation industries.

Business area Industrial Trade consists of Duroc Machine Tool, which offers cost-effective production solutions for the engineering industry by providing machine tools and automation solutions. Duroc Machine Tools solutions include tools as well as service and support, giving customers a production process with high availability and smooth production. Duroc Machine Tool is active in the Nordic countries and in the Baltic states.

Our Strategy

Duroc shall have a strong ability to develop companies, both companies within the Group and businesses that becomes acquired. Our long-term goal is to create good value growth. This will be accomplished by:

  • Value-creating acquisitions

– Opportunistic investments within existing business areas as well as in new businesses.

– Investments in mature businesses operating in stable industries.

– Acquisitions within B2B and in businesses where we have a knowledge that can contribute to value-creating growth.

  • Investments in existing operations aiming to

– Increase the capacity in our existing facilities.

– Integrate forward and/or back into the value chain.

  • Decentralized governance model aiming to

– Maintain entrepreneurship.

Duroc does not focus on developing group-wide synergies in areas where these are not obvious.