Peter Gyllenhammar

Stockholm. Born 1953.


Chairman since 2017.


Background: Studies at Handelshögskolan in Stockholm.


Other appointments: Owner and Chairman of the Board in Gyllenhammar Holding AB (including Peter Gyllenhammar AB). Other assignments: Board member of Arise AB and International Fibres Group AB.


Shareholding in Duroc: Indirectly via Peter Gyllenhammar AB: 21 066 783 series B and 9 933 217 series C.

Board member

Carina Heilborn

Täby. Born 1973.


Director since 2016.


Background: MBA, background as auditor at KPMG, CFO and Investment Manager at Peter Gyllenhammar AB.


Other assignments: Board member of International Fibres Group AB, Scandbook Holding AB, Direktlaminat AB, Equuleus AB and VB Value Research AB.


Shareholding in Duroc: 0.

Board member

Carl Östring

Lidingö. Born 1974.


Director since 2013.


Background: LL.B. Background as a lawyer, Managing Partner and partner in law firm in Sweden and Russian. Since 2011 Investment Manager and Chief Legal Office at AB Traction.


Other assignments: Chairman of the Board of Drillcon AB, Board member of Ankarsrum Industries AB, Recco Holding AB and its subsidiaries and Creatum Holding AB


Shareholding in Duroc: 10 000 shares of series B, 3 200 shares of series B together with his wife.

Board member

Johan Öberg

Stockholm. Born 1970.


Director since 2017.


Background: Senior Partner and Director, Managing Partner BCG Sweden. MBA from INSEAD.


Other assignments: None.


Shareholding in Duroc: 0.

Board member

Ola Hugoson

Ystad. Born 1957.


Director since 2017.


Background: Since 1982 worked in the family business Polykemi AB, General Manager and CEO since 1997. Education: MBA


Other assignments: Board member of Polykemi AB

Shareholding in Duroc: 25 000 shares of series B.