Herber Engineering – New generation of simulation/anti-collision software

For many years, Herber has offered simulation/anti-collision software as a stand-alone product. It is Herber’s belief that the best simulation is performed as early in the process as possible, many times months before you stand by the machine and attempt to produce a new product design etc.

It is also of utmost importance that the simulation is based on the most correct information possible both regarding the new product design but equally as important the machine and its tools. Herber has taken this into account in the development of our new solution.

To enable this development, in addition to launching a new HMI a couple of years ago, Herber has also installed a more powerful industrial PC with a larger touch screen as standard on all Herber machines!

Herber will launch the new generation of simulation/anti-collision software in the latter part of 2021 to “hit the ground” running in 2022.

See more at Herber’s webpage.