Business area Other Industry

Business area Other Industry includes  Duroc Rail and Duroc Laser Coating. Duroc Rail and Duroc Laser Coating manufactures custom niche products, components for the railway industry, as well as performing maintenance and repair of components for the engineering industry, the energy-, process-, pulp and paper- and the transportation industries.

Duroc Rail AB

Duroc Rail is a provider of maintenance of wheelsets for railroad to Swedish and foreign customers. The company is located in Svartöns industrial area in Luleå and caters for the northern part of the railroad maintenance market VTG and LKAB Malmtrafik as major customers but also has customers and assignments in southern Sweden and Norway.

Duroc Rail AB
Svartöns industriområde
SE-973 42 Luleå
Phone +46 920 354 06
Vd Dan Bergman

Duroc Laser Coating AB

Duroc Laser Coating offers its customers lowered life cycle costs and decreased environmental impact by refurbishment of metal surfaces, improved performance for existing components and production of new components with improved surface properties.

Using laser technology, we can help you increase the lifetime of your metal components by giving them surfaces with superior properties regarding friction, corrosion, abrasion and more.

Duroc Laser Coating AB
Svartöns industriområde
SE-973 88 Luleå
Phone +46 70 673 05 45
Vd Joachim Andersson