Cotting Group – The Kalytera range

Cotting has been committed to developing a new, innovative range of products particularly suited to the world of health and care. As its Greek name implies, the goal is ensuring that customers enjoy the best quality both in terms of functionality and style.

According to the WHO, 3 types of well-being combined (physical, mental and social) are a key factor in enjoying long-term good health. The search for well-being is becoming more holistic and affects all generations.

In response to this need, medical professions are joining forces to offer all-round patient care. Traditional and progressive systems of treatment are starting to consider alternative care therapies, including the practice of sport, art or meditation – all of which contribute to the promise of ‘living better for longer’.

Spaces are being designed to be more welcoming and less sanitised. In this way, aesthetic codes are changing and adapting to the new values expected by patients.

For KALYTERA, Cotting have focused on 16 colours in particular. These have been divided into 4 themes according to their intended use. The thinking behind this is that colour is the most widely shared and most easily understood universal symbol with which everyone can identify

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